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Bee Pollen - Mother Nature's Ambrosia // and possibly the healthiest food in the world ...

Hey, Health Stoppers! Bee Pollen is BUZZING with Benefits! Bee Pollen is considered one of nature's most nutritious foods. A complexsuperfood, bee pollen is rich in protein, essential amino acids, and important vitamins such as B-Complex and folic acid. Soooo...Vegetarians and Beegans Take Note!!! If you're a fan of nooch, or nutritional yeast for supplementing your diet, bee pollen could be your new favorite thing! Bee pollen has also been found to be a potent blood builder,balancing iron levels, and makes a great friend to anemia patients! Bee pollen, being such a great blood builder, also improves strength and endurance in athletes! Bee pollen has been found to decrease pulse rates, and it's high protein content increases strength! Naturalist Francis Hubercalled bee pollen "the greatest body builder on Earth". Bee pollen is more than a nutritional powerhouse, however; Bee pollen has been shown to normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels! Even more amazing, b…
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Feel Better with Probiotics ... In a Popsicle!

Hey, Health Stoppers! Fruits, Herbs and Probiotics, OH MY!
Satisfy that sweet tooth while fortifying your immune system!
Feel Better Pops are quite possibly our new favorite sweet treat, because not only are they delicious, but they are SO GOOD FOR YOU. And they are the perfect solution for finicky kids (and adults!) who may not be so diligent about getting fruits and veggies in their diet. Not only are these pops CHOCK FULL of Vitamin C rich fruits, but they also contain Digestive + Immune supporting PROBITOICS. You might have trouble getting your little one to take a capsule, but aPOPSICLE might be different. Feel Better Pops are a local creation, hailing from our very own Bergen County! Marisa Teiner, Nutritionist and Health Supportive chef, took note of her popsicle loving son, Chace, who requested the frozen treats whenever he felt under the weather. Inspiration struck, and Marisa set out to create a health conscious alternative to commercially available popsicles! Feel Better Pops are g…

Goat's Milk Soap - Cleopatra Loved It, Why Wouldn't You?

Hey, Health Stoppers! It's not just any old soap... It's Goat's Milk Soap!
But what's so special about Goat's Milk Soap?
The Alpha Hydroxy Acids! Alpha Hydroxy Acids remove dead skin cells with ease.
The result? Newer, softer, younger looking cells are left behind.
Goats Milk Soap is FULL of Alpha Hydroxy Acids! What else? Goat's Milk Soap is also super high in Vitamin A, which helps repair damaged tissue cells, reduce lines and wrinkles, and has proven to be an effective blemish controller. Additionally, Vitamin A rich goat's milk soap has been found to help sufferers of excema and psoriasis obtain relief! The fatty molecular structure of Goat's Milk Soap makes for a highly moisturizing experience. Dry skin season is upon us, but you've got an ally in goat's milk soap... It is dry air blocking, moisture locking! The World Renowned Goat-henge... Here at the Health Stop! You may spend hundreds of dollars on a full line of moisturizing, anti-aging products.…

Become the Best You with Bach Flower Essences

Today's Featured Item:

Bach Flower Remedies!
Are there small incongruities in your state of beingthat leave you generally dissatisfied?
Do yousuffer from fears, anxieties, worries?
Perhaps an internal boiling dissatisfaction? Anger?
Do you feel like something is off, or wrong, but are unable to pinpoint the exact origin?
Or do you perhaps have an idea of what is causing your inner tension, but are finding yourself unableto act upon it?
Bach Remedies, 38 different formulas, each based off of an individual flower essence -
Examples include : 

Agrimony - For those who hide their problems behind a cheerful face
Aspen - For those who have fears and worries of an unknown origin
Beech - For those who are intolerant of others
Cherry Plum - For those who fear losing control
Clematis - For dreaminess, those who lack interest in the present
Hornbeam - For the 'Monday Morning' feeling
Impatiens - For those who are impatient
Larch - For those who lack of confidence
Mimulus - Those who fear known th…

Preserve Your Youth with Biosil

Summer is a time of fun in the sun - But also, as a result, a time to up our skincare game. With increased UV exposure comes an increase in the potential to age and dry.

Here at the Health Stop, we are dedicated not only to supporting your internal health, but also to preserving the god-given beauty of your external being.  Thusly, we are happy to present the introduction of our newest skin-hair-nails sustaining supplement : BioSil Beginning at age 21, the body begins to produce  fewer and fewer'beauty proteins'; over the years, the signs become visible:
fine lines, wrinkles, weak or thin hair, brittle nails -
leading to a withering and fading of
our greatly coveted youth!
Biosil increases the body's 3 "beauty proteins" - 
collagen plumps the skin from inside out, removes fine lines and wrinkles, prevents them from forming, is essential for strong, healthy bones + joints BioSil turns on collagen-generating cells in the body, known as fibroblasts elastin gives skin ability to st…

Boost Your Energy Levels With the Power of GREEN

Health Stop here! 
Writing in to remind you of our great love of all things green!
"Why?" you may ask;
"Why the compulsive love of a color?"
Well, dear friends, though colors are, on their own, visually stimulating and quite pleasing to the eye, 
we DO, in fact, have a scientific reason
behind this particular fascination! 

For you see, green is the color of chlorophyll,  and chlorophyll is our friend.
"What is chlorophyll?"
Chlorophyll is a bio-molecular green pigment in plants that allows them to absorb energy from light, aka, photosynthesis.
In humans, chlorophyll is highly cleansing, and beneficial to regulating various bodily processes, alongside preventing disease. It is anti-microbial, working to assist the body in fighting mold and fungal infections, alongside cleansing toxins and heavy metals.
Chlorophyll has been shown to alkalize the body, balancing PH/acid balance, leading reduced inflammation, and a lessened occurrence of chronic ailments.
Chlorophyll pro…


Health Stop here!

Introducing a super new super exciting product!

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil!
Amedicinal, non-psychotropic extraction of the cannabis (hemp) seed and stalk, CBD oil acts as anti-inflammatory medicine in the body, while also functioning as a superfood!
Below we list the multiple benefits of CBD oil : 
-has a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids -contains all 20 known amino acids -complex concentrate of vitamins + minerals (vitamin E, vitamin A, phytoserols, phospholipids, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc) -also a great source of chlorophyll
Below we provide a graphic illustration charting the benefits of all the cannabinoids including CBD (cannabidiol)

As you can see, CBD oil has all of the benefits other isolated cannabinoid extractions, all in one!

CBD Oil is great for healthy skin, healthy nails, and a strong immune system!

It is noted to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.

Stabilizes energy levels and metabolic rate.